High water…

The sun sets on another day…

So what are we watching? Do we watch the sun set, the water rise, or those people laughing to our side. How do we know how are world is rotating around us if we don’t watch them all? I thought it was funny reading a short article and thinking how high a percentage of people think the sun revolves around the earth. (umm, it doesn’t you know) At the same time, I find it quite interesting when you consider how many people watch the water, but never see the water rise.

Interesting, perhaps not a good word, not really a good word to use ever.

Think about it, perception is reality and we all measure our lives by our perception of our life. If we grew up planting rice in a paddy, we would think water to our knee is normal, but if we grew up in a desert water to our knees would truly be high water(and probably scary). My point is as the sun sets it is up to us to determine if it is beautiful, it it is scary, or a dozen other emotions we apply to a sunset. It is up to us to determine how we feel about anything and everything. Our days can be as awesome as we want them to be, or as horrid as we can imagine. It is our opinion that makes them valid or invalid.

Huh, funny. 

I have this debate quite often, but it is 100% true that whether the water is high or low, your day good or bad, or even if the sunset is pretty or ugly it is all you. You make the determination of how things are, and only you are responsible. Ouch eh, well, this is really a positive post because….

As the sun sets on another day, you have the ability to make this day the best possible day it can be, not because everything is perfect, but because you have the ability to interpret it as good. As long as there is a breath to take we can decide if the day is good, and as long as we look for the good in ourselves and our world, there can be no bad day. So take today, and no matter what is upon you, no matter what is trying to get to you, no matter who hurt you, no matter how great or how mundane today is, make it a great day for you, no matter what.

(That was a lot of no matter whats)

Sleep sweet, love life, and find the good in today…

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