Bottled water and bananas…

The sun sets on another day…

Big cities are fun. Now I know, some big cities are not fun, well, yes they are, but we have to define big cities. I consider a big city one like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and similar. I would rather not define a big city as one that really isn’t, like Metamora Indiana, or Inez Kentucky. They are great places, but they are not big.

Today I was in the windy city of Chicago and was watching a series of people come and go on the street as we navigated the highways, byways and one way streets. I noted more homeless people than normal and watched as people spurned or favored them and thought about my own experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I will help a person who is down when they are in need, whether they are needing help getting back on their feet, or just need someone to talk to occasionally. I used to give money to the homeless until I noticed one man’s shoes after I gave him money, and they were more expensive than my own. I gave food often and still do, but have been told several times that they did not want food they needed cash, so I patiently watch, and help those I can the way I can.

Today as we were driving in downtown Chicago a homeless man walked up to a car and the driver without hesitation gave the man a bottle of water and a banana. I watched the man with the sign look at the two items, then smile and take them back to his backpack and put them carefully inside. I knew then, that this young man was in earnest with his plight. It got me thinking, what if we all kept a bottle of water and a banana in the car for such circumstances?

I know, I know, this sounds like the start of a bad joke that is followed by peanuts and dill pickles, but I am serious. If a person would not take a bottle of water and a banana, are they really in need? Sure, they may want their choice of food, but in absence of that, a bottle of clean water and a banana is meaningful and not a joke. Maybe we should all consider a similar solution and maybe it would spurn the sign carriers that drive new Lexus SUVs and inspire those that really needed help. Help people when you can. Help people when it feels good, help people when you see they are in need, and maybe you will feel good about it.


So as the sun sets on another day, are you willing to help others and at the same time help others help themselves. Are you willing to make each day an amazing day and help people the way you want to help them. If you are, do so, and if not, that is ok, but remember someday you may need help. Make sure you set the foundations so you can have the best day possible each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live powerfully every day…


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