Stars rise…

The sun sets on another day…

The darkness tries desperately to close in, and eventually wins its battle finding a way to the deep of night. It is there that we can not embrace the darkness, but truly see the light.

It is funny where I am now.The deepest dark is here, but the brightest nights are here too. Tonight the sun set while I was with friends, but as I came out and home I found the night sky lit up more powerfully than any Christmas tree. It was there that I saw light, and a bounding and amazing series of sparkles in the sky.

It is funny how sometimes we see darkness as something that is really really bad, but if we pay attention there can be light there. Sometimes we think things are weighing us down, and taking us away but perhaps sometimes we just aren’t paying enough attention. Maybe, just maybe we need to look around and see the light in the darkness, and in the process, see past what we think is there, and find the light. Not just for the moments we are in, but realizing that the light also can be a herald to the new day, and light returning.

I have seen some difficult times in my life, and those will not stop, but if you look through the difficult times, I have found happier moments lost inside. Perhaps if we all took stock of how bad we think it is, there might be something there to be thankful for, and there is always the hope for a new day.

So as the sun sets on another day, another of a series of sunsets, take a second, pay attention, and if the day is bad, find the silver lining inside and hold onto it until morning, no matter what. After all, it is easy to fall into the dark, but worth it to see the light.

Sleep sweet, love life, and believe in yourself…

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