The sun sets on another day…

A very successful day, I was hopeful, but it came. We all look for successful days, and we love the moments we can enjoy those successful days.

I have been going down a list of suggestions a friend posted, and today we have a new message: “Never walk through an alley alone.”

you know, I thought about this for a while, not too long, nor too short. The message seems clear, but to me there is a bigger message. An Alley can easily be translated to a potentially dangerous unknown. those are all about us. Sometimes we pay close attention, and sometimes we are halfway down the alley before we realize where we are going.

The point is, sometimes we need strength in numbers to get past the potential pitfalls of the alley, and going it alone could be bad. The solution, take someone with you, or maybe a few or skip the alley and enjoy a better way. Life is full of choices that do not include walking down an alley, and maybe we should explore them a little before we saunter down the alley of doom. (Ha, sounds like a temple)

So as the sun sets on another day, well, life can be awesome, and we can make it awesome if we only try. Sometimes that means getting a little help, or making a better choice. In this case, I agree with this part of the list, going down an alley alone, well, it could be a bad choice, so don’t do it alone.

Sleep sweet, smile bright, and don’t forget to enjoy the eve….

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