Observations in the moment…

The sun sets on another day…

There are a lot of things in life that make us retrospective. There are also a lot of things in life it make us prospective. Hopefully we can also find those things in life that make us focus on the moment and, in the process, focus on the people around us

Today I was at a book signing for a short time. While I was there I met some very wonderful people who stopped and talked, discussed the books and discussed how life was for them. I listened to people because I think everyone has a unique perspective. It was a great time and a lot of fun.

I also watched a significant number of people lost in themselves as they walked through the mall. They barely looked up from either their phones or their tasks and as they did so they were completely oblivious to the world. I am not sure whether they were thinking about the past or thinking about the future but they were not engaged in the moment.

Its funny how people can be so engaged but so disengaged at the same time. We sometimes forget that we are part of the world, and that we should talk to other people as often as we can. (Well, we should, but we don’t always feel like it.) I suggest to everyone that maybe it’s time to pay attention to more. Maybe it is time to pay attention to what is happening right now and not just to us. Maybe it’s time to¬† pay attention to the world around us and maybe, just maybe we will find a little more calm, and maybe more happiness.

So as the sun sets on another day why don’t we pay attention to each other. Let’s try and make everyday special not just for us but for those around us. Say “Hi”, tell a joke, laugh a little but move out into the world and become a part of it, not just a background element. In the process let’s try and have a great day everyday. There is no day more important than today and when tomorrow comes, guess what, it will be today. Make today your best day ever and you will usually find your way to happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it every day..

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