Crystal dreams and metalic memories…

The sun sets on another day…

I took a break from my work and went to a park. In the park I watched people laugh and play, and I smiled. A lot was going on. It got me thinking of all the times I had been to this park, in my teens, 20s, more, my 50th birthday party, and still more. I had many dreams here that were shatters like cheap crystal, and many memories that were forged of tungsten steel.

It is funny how fragile dreams can be. A simple word can destroy them, and a series of moments wipe them away. I have seen so many come and go, and have found I too was the instrument of destroying dreams. That is not a pleasant realization. It is not intentional, but dreams can sometimes be so fragile they just break and go away to some lost closet.

By that same token I have had memories forged here I will never forget. They are built of a thousand thousand moments of positives, and those moments turned into memories that will never fade. Playing Frisbee in high school. Taking pictures and more pictures, and laying in the park watching the sky, and not needing to see the clock, only because it was not important.

Those memories are forever. Good and bad, while some of the dreams require a little glue to see. Some deserved to be shattered, some had to be shattered, but some could have been saved with just a little work.

The point is, don’t let your dreams be shattered, or at least avoid it. There are so many things that are better in life, like taking those dreams and forging memories.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the moments coming. How do you proceed? With intentions of building memories, or watching other dreams pass by. Take a moment, consider, and there are good and bad choices, make some, and enjoy the night.

Sleep sweet, love life, and dream…

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