Roar on…

The sun sets on another day…

A simple pull of a string and the snowblower roared to life. Not inches but feet of snow to work with and I pressed on with snowblower and shovel. The snow kept falling, but the outcome was never in question, a huge trail was cut in the long drive and piles of snow laid to the side as the engine of the blower and I both roared!

We face so many challenges every day. There are so many things that try so hard to defeat who we are each moment. From visible obstacles and less than perfect people to invisible faults and invisible diseases that sap our strength and try to hold us down.  It is a struggle that can be sublime,or epic, and many sit and let the moments wash over them, lost like a cork in the waves.

Well stop it!

There are moments we want to be like that cork, but inside we know we may only have 29000 sunsets so it is time to roar! Time to roar and keep that person from bringing you down. What they say doesn’t matter because you cannot hear it over your roar! Time to roar and finish that last lap, the last step, the last page or the last row blowing snow because even through the pain it will be done and you can feel the power of accomplishment. Time to roar and push past all that life tries to smack you down with, because you are better, you are more powerful, and you are more. When you are more, it is truly time to roar! 

Sure, the world can be cruel, the world can be intense, the world can try to take so much from you, but as you roar, listen, and there are so many roaring with you. Together we can roar, and together we can do more! Together we know the world can be great, the world can be happy, the world can give you so much each day.

So as the sun sets on another day, take this moment to step beyond those things holding you down. Take this moment because you deserve it, take this moment because it is yours, and roar, not purr, roar, and make the world your own.

Sleep sweet, love life, and roar!



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