Lucky 21…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was seriously scrumptious and I enjoyed watching the giant globe slide into the western sky like an overly yellow moon pie.

Numbers have always been a fascination of mine. My Grandfather was a professor at a college and while I stayed there during the summers I was always given complex math problems every day. I thought of this is tremendous fun at the time and still do. I learned how to use a slide rule and an Abacus very early and still think the ten key is the fastest way to add numbers.

If you think about all the numbers that we face in life it is the basis of this site and the thought process behind this site. If you live an average life expectancy you will get 29,000 sunsets in your life. That means you will get 6,960,000 hours in your life. Which translates to over 417,000,000 minutes that you are spending on this earth. Seems like a lot doesn’t it.

As I’m thinking about it the minutes are passing 1 by 1 and as I’m thinking about those numbers more minutes are passing, then hours, then days. It doesn’t take long to realize that the world is spinning with or without us and those days slide away all too easily. As I say in the start of this entire series of blog posts if today Wednesday 28,999 would you do anything different? Is there that one person you would see or that one thing you would do? Is there the one sorry wish you’d said or the one thing you wish you had said that you never had a chance to say out loud? If you would do anything differently perhaps you need to consider why you’re not doing it today.

We are full of excuses often and sometimes we need to set aside those excuses. I had a discussion with someone special recently about the time they had spent and how many hours there are in a week and what they were focusing them on. What is important to you? How much time do you spend making that important? Is it enough?

All good questions and I will keep asking until we are all living a life that we’re happy with.

So as the sun sets on another day the math problem is easy. Solve it for today not for tomorrow and let’s make every day count , no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and today counts…

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