Scoring and scored…

The sun sets on another day…

Sometimes I find myself staring to the sky and waiting for the colorful amazement that I know will follow. As the sun slides across and leaves its mark on the horizon I can only smile in satisfaction.

We all leave our mark somewhere. It’s important to decide though what type of mark you’re going to leave. Sometimes we leave positive trails and score someone’s psyche in a fantastic manner that makes then end you much better. Sometimes it doesn’t go so well and we leave negative scores across someone’s mind and they remember the negatives about a particular encounter. Wouldn’t it be nice if as we were scoring the psyches of the world that it was usually positive?

How do you feel you affect others? Do you realize how scored your psyche is from other people? What marks have been left on your life?

It’s a pretty easy question in many ways but not one we often think about. A simple word said to me when I was in junior high starts my day in a very similar way every day. A few fun moments that I had in college gave me a foundation from someone that haunts me and will haunt me forever. I guess my point is simple in that as you review who you are and the things that you do have you ever considered why? Have you ever sat back and actually considered how you affected other people?

I was at a reunion several years ago and spoke to someone who was pretty much a jerk to everyone in high school. They felt they were smarter and stronger than just about everyone and in one situation it motivated me to do things a little differently. I had never really paid attention to physical fitness and the point in time had not happened yet that made me truly engage but this person was a jerk to me and I actually appreciated it. At the reunion I talked to them for a few minutes and mentioned my appreciation at what could have been seen as a negative interaction. To me it was important. To them, they didn’t even remember the situation. Their reply was simple, “I was a jerk back then and thought I knew it all.”

It makes you laugh doesn’t it. It made me laugh.

So as the sun sets on another day. To me it was important to them it was just another day. This happens. I have had the same effect and the same thing happens to us all. Recognize it and realize that your personality was scored by thousands of interactions and it makes you who you are. It’s a good thing and I hope that you enjoy it all , no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and live hard…

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