Roses are…

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun set tonight I was again amazed by all the colors and excitement. Yesterday the sun set right after a horrible storm. It was good, but today it was light and amazing.

I love roses. I have told the story of moving to Lexington KY and the first time I dealt with the beauty of roses here. It was a hard time for me in many ways, but I overcame, I learned, and I learned to love roses along the way. After having roses for a while I learned they all mean different things, so I thought I would share the meanings of these magnificent plants.

Red Roses: My first roses were red and it is with those that I feel in love with. I have always given them and they simply say “I love you”. I understand they also mean passion, true love, romance, and desire and it makes sense that I think they are so awesome!

White Roses: White is purity, peace and they seem to be all around weddings. I have heard they can symbolize pure love, and new starts to relationships. I used to have a lot of white roses in my rose garden, now I have none, perhaps in a few years.

Pink Roses: Pink roses are elegance, well, and a lot of other things. They are supposed to be feminine, and are a super gift if you appreciate someone. I have usually given them to women who like pink roses. In fact, I usually think of a person and give the roses that match them, even if they mean something different. Ooops.

Lavender Roses: These have always been my favorite. I have a large bush now and they are super fragrant and I enjoy them as long as I can. For me lavender roses were love at first sight and that is what they are supposed to mean. Given a choice I will often give them, just because.

Orange Roses: I like the idea of orange roses, but they always seem to die. It is usually because I buy most of my roses end of season and nurse them back to health. Orange has always been either not available to too far gone to make it. They mean excitement, admiration, and maybe a special message of adoration. Pretty nifty huh?

Yellow Roses: I should say here that yellow was my nieces favorite color, and I have a large yellow rose bush in the front of the house. It calls to me often, and I enjoy it. It is funny, yellow roses were a statement of infidelity, but now it is more of a warm memory.

Coral Roses: I have coral roses right outside my office window. Last week one of the hognose snakes from the woods was under it but he ran when he saw me. (well, slithered) These are supposed to represent deep desire or excitement. To me they are beautiful.

Peach Roses: Peach roses were at my house in Lexington. They are pretty intense and are a symbol of loyalty. I will have to get more soon.

I have several roses that change colors as they bloom. They may change their meanings depending on the day, but I just enjoy them along the way.

So as the sun sets on another day, I have always enjoyed roses. Take a moment and read the link if you are curious why, otherwise, have an amazing night and be as happy as you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be utiful… (giggle laugh)