The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was hidden behind thick clouds and less than a pretty day. The gloom was still a positive and made me feel like I could get things done, so I did.

Ah, what a web we weave each day, we make the world in every way, we hold so still and start to sway, but still we are now weaving.

Ah what a time we have today, we find a path and then we stray, we call for work and then we play, but still we are now weaving.

Ah what a time we have, each day mystery made of glass, the time we have it seems to pass, all that stays was meant to last, but still we are weaving.

I find so many people weave a web better than any spider could. It is a web of positives and negatives that guide their life, and somewhere in the middle they get tangled in the lines. It is a tough web for some, and a lose one for others, but still each day we weave a wider and wider web of who we are, and what we will become.

Think about it, every day we become more, and as we become more we have a path we have gone, and a path we will soon take. Those that stick with what they know build thick lines that are hard to escape, but those that keep moving and going forward are free to see the world with a wider perspective, a perspective that opens the mind to new possibilities.

There is a book called “Who Moved my Cheese” that has 4 main characters. In it they follow patterns that seem to fit what we all do in life. The more more difficult characters are always holding on to the same thing and if you get to read it I am sure you will see the pitfalls of staying in the same place. With that in mind, I suggest we consider a few spiders knowing the one who stays in the same place with a bigger and bigger web will eventually have nothing but their web, but the smart one who moved will always find something new ahead of him.

Are you hanging on to the same things and not paying attention to the signs? Are you finding your path less defined? How can you find more positive things in your life? Do you want more positives in your life.

I know, I know, thinking too much but I see so many positives in people if they would just let go and find the path that will take them forward. I see a life made of good ways, and ways to change the world if only we will take those steps, and make a difference.

So as the sun sets on another day, weave a strong web that moves forward. Find your way, or maybe set the whole weaving thing aside and just have some fun and great times today and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love hard, and feel the passion within you…