Special times…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was more than spectacular, and the clouds made the sky light up like some massive fireworks show. I was impressed and in awe.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I was in college at the University of Kentucky. (That is useless information and not part of the story) My freshman year I met a wonderful young woman who I thought was a little more than impressive. This was not a physical thing, but instead a series of solid and positive events where we shared stories, and feelings. She was very intelligent and as we got to know each other it was the exchange between minds that was attractive to me, and as we enjoyed time with each other we also grew closer.

I was awkward in Kentucky where I had not been in the north and had few friends due to my guarded nature. After all, Kentucky was the first time I had spent more than a year in any one place since I was 5, and making friends usually meant losing friends and missing them later. This was exciting to have someone who was a mental challenge. We spent more time together and finally we began to become romantic.

For those of you that are not, well, old, I got a call on my home phone. (We did not have cells). This new person I cared about dumped me, for lack of a better term, as she cried and told me she was falling for me. I was devastated. I had lost another friend and perhaps more. My walls went up and I concentrated on school and working 3 jobs.

It was a month later when I finally saw her in drop/add and she tried to explain that her boyfriend had died years before, and she could not be close to anyone. I tried, I really did try, to understand, but I was still hurt and I walked away as she reached out her hand to reconnect. I would not be hurt again.

A lot of people have similar experiences. (Or maybe not and I am weird) Somewhere along the way I forgot all the special times and focused on the one bad thing. Sure, it hurt, but sometimes you have to let all that go. Sometimes you have to see a person for who they are and open your mind to possibilities. Sure, it may have been too late for us, but it might not have, and I walked away from someone who challenged my mind. Not the best thing to do. Have you done similar? Before? Now? May I suggest that you open your mind and look for the positives because connections that are amazing may not be as available as you think. Just consider it.

So as the sun sets on another day, I was foolish in my mind, but I protected myself to mess up again another day. Learn from my mistake, listen, learn, and enjoy the time you can in life. After all, there is only one life to live, and you are amazing if you can join it always!

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and love some more, just for the heck of it…