Elvin magic…

The sun sets on another day…

Wet and rainy day wet and rainy day, right down Santa Claus lane! We got some deals and fun book steals you’ll love them all the same! (Well, if you sing it to here comes Santa it sounds good).

I was having a little fun tonight as I drug in the book crates to the Happy Elves Craft Show, and laughing along the way at the fun it will be tomorrow at the last show of the year.

Tonight as I sang Christmas songs and walked up and down looking at the vendors I smiled at the variety and was amazed at the sheer number of vendors. In the end it will be an amazing and magical day as I sell the last few books of the year.

Happy Elves Craft Show

I will be at the show at 9 AM Saturday, my last event of the year.
A few fun items:

I do have “What NOT to Say to People who are Grieving” available again. A portion of these proceeds go to The Haley Sue Foundation.

I will have a link for “Vengeful Son”, now available on Audio Book as well as paperback copies.

I only have 4 copies of “Silent Sister” left at this time!

I only have 22 copies of “Adam” left at this time!

I only have 11 “A Slice of Passion” copies remaining. This year has been huge for poetry!

Until I run out of “Silent Sister” I will be selling sets of the Masterson Files (“Vengeful Son”, “Sinful Father”, “Deadly Daughter”, “Fateful Friend”, and “Silent Sister) for $50.00. That is a savings of 29.95 off list price and a savings of $15.00 off the event price.

Talking is free, and I will talk and talk and talk if you come visit. Who knows, I may get ideas for a new character from you! Come down and visit a fantastic show! Crafts are a super gift and books are as well!!!

Seems like I said all this, well, I did, on Facebook!

Tonight I smiled as I talked to people and gave out a few laughs and watched people smile, giggle, and laugh. I can only hope that tomorrow brings people who are full of spirit and ready to enjoy the real gift of Christmas, each other. After all, when all the presents are opened the best that we can hope is we open our hearts and our minds, and in the process show the world how loving we can be.

So as the sun sets on another day, come visit tomorrow. Buy a book, laugh a little, let’s tell stories, and have a bunch of fun. We can all be amazing every day if we try, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the night…