Words and meanings…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was waiting for snow to fall, but I know it was up there, shining down on us all.

I was saddened today after reading a persons post about happiness on their blog. The post was short and direct, like many of mine, but it was saddening as it notes that when asking people if they are happy it is one of likely two outcomes:

1 – People who look happiest are happy because they tear people down (Summarized)
2 – People who look unhappy have the most clear vision of themselves.

Is that truly how the world sees themselves? I don’t think this follows with any certainty simply because there are hundreds of other options and many people who are happy as they feel varying degrees across the board. To get there we have to define “Happy” and have to consider how people see their happiness. We also have to determine what is a social norm for happiness compared to what is “happy” from an individual perspective.

There is then a question of the idea of why people would be unhappy with themselves, ever. With that in mind I responded as such: So where does that put people like me? I certainly hope I am not tearing people down to be happy, I do well not to do so and I am well aware I could. I also do not internalize self introspection to the point of loathing so that others see me as sad but well rounded inside. Consider a third path. When I was young I watched a movie series called “Flint”. In the movie there was a question asked about his secret and to him it was simple, he did not compete. I have learned the same. I only compete with myself. I am reading and writing and trying to bring people along regardless of their feelings of their goals or my goals. I have been well loved, and well hated and will enjoy either without letting it make me lesser of a person. Those that like or love me I am happy, but our strength is also built by the strength of those that hate us or dislike us, and that is ok too. Perhaps my best statement is, I am sorry you have only seen those two types of people. Keep looking. I hope you find a better happy!

As I think about it, this will be a bit of a focus for me for a while. I want to start today by saying you can be happy without tearing anyone down, you just choose to be happy. You can also be sad without finding yourself, you just choose to be sad. The key words here, “you choose”.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your words well, because they stick. Find your way because you shouldn’t ever be stuck in a box. Find the happiness that makes you, well, happy and push to change the world every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find your happy…