The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a time of quiet reflection. The golden sun lit the western sky, and there was a silence in the air as I drove home from a sensational day. It was magnificent.

I have said over, and over that every person has value. Large to small. (Except maybe a few people I used to know, lol) I met two people at an event today that verified the ideas of passion and values.

I sat today listening to people’s passions and often had a tear in my eye. It is rare to find people and companies that align to build something better. It is even rarer to talk to people who feel a passion that aligns not only with a company’s visions but with the possibilities of tomorrow.

Although my interactions were brief, they were meaningful. The person I sat next to was committed to creating a better way, and they were succeeding very well. I watched a fantastic display of care about the community, people, and the progression towards making the world a better place. Still, I listened to the people around me and was genuinely impressed. I also met a person who spoke on stage that was engaged and larger than life (Clearly not as big as me, but he was larger than life). His approach to life was inspiring, and while he was on stage dancing, I laughed as I am usually the only one dancing in the room. The entire set of interactions was inspiring.

It’s not enough that we inspire just a few people. Inspiring leaders and future leaders with a vision that can work is vital. Today I saw that in a presentation that quite simply showed a pathway to a better world, one person at a time. I took it a little further, and the person next to me had that vision firmly in their grasp and could see a brighter future simply because of it.

Be that person. Be the person who has the courage to lead others. Be that person who is humble in leadership from a large company. Be that person who takes the time to see everyone, not just those who are convenient. Be that person who will share a laugh with a stranger who they may someday call a friend.

It’s not enough just to lead. For every leader there is a follower and as a leader you must find people who can widen your vision and give you a broader view of the world. Your followers then help you become a better leader by leading you as well.

I learned that no matter how passionate, smart, articulate, or adored you may be, there is always someone you should look up to. Often I have found that the person I look up to may be someone others don’t see as the unique person they are. Consider for a moment me walking down the streets of Philadelphia as I passed a homeless young woman. I took a moment to talk to her and tried to make her smile. She said she was hungry and had no cash on me, but I told her I would bring her something to eat on the way back. We ate pizza that night, and as I walked back to the hotel, I stopped with the leftovers I had gathered, an entire Pizza and perhaps a little more. I gave it to her along with a drink I had purchased, and she cried. It was then I realized that I was being taught a lesson. I realized that although I had more, I had given her more than I had. Even though I was a leader of visions at the time, she gave me a new vision and led me. Something to think about is that every day we can learn from others, and every day we can lead towards a better vision for tomorrow.

So as the sun sets on a spectacular day with lessons abounding, I can only say thank you to all of you I’ve never known but who have shared a little time with me. For all of you who have written me before and shared your thoughts about 29000sunsets, thanks for giving me pause, hope, and a new way to see the world. I hope and desire that I have lifted your day, if only a little. I hope and wish that you can see the world through my eyes for just a moment and be thankful for every second that you have, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep learning…