The sun sets on another day…

Well, sunset was amazing but I had to get groceries. Oh no, so the picture is not as super as with the big cameras. (Sorry about the bugs, and they are sorry too)

I was listening to an event and it noted “if you did not say anything the answer was automatically ‘No’.” I laughed at that for a while, then thought about it some more, then wondered about the approach.

Of course, I was then reminded of a movie. It was “We bought a Zoo,” and I have written about it before. The question in the movie was, “Excuse me, why would an amazing woman like you even talk to someone like me?” The answer that was returned was positive, but it was the fact that the question was asked that we should be focusing on. Too often, we are presented with opportunities that we just don’t step up for. I know sometimes we do, but we need to focus on being positive enough to speak up when we should.

Of course, there are many dynamics to this, and the presentation I watched didn’t go into all the listening skills you need and being able to read a room so that you know when to ask and when not to ask, but the premise was accurate. If we don’t ask a question, the answer is always no.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a second and be you, and as you do when opportunities present themselves, the worst answer you could get is no, but the best possible solutions can give you new opportunities. Take a minute, ask a question, and be ready for your life to change daily. You have control, and it is always your choice, so make good choices, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and ask away…