The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was cute and sparkly as more snow fell. I laughed as Pepper chased the snow and fought to be king of the hills on the small pile left in the driveway.

I am working with Pepper to understand how to be quiet. With a dog this can be quite interesting. With people it can be even harder. We often don’t realize the value of silence and listening to everything around us. This can be either when we are with people, or during the alone time we have. At night I am often out very late, and where I am, the silence is almost physical. In those moments there is a certain peace, and in that peace the ability to see the world a little differently.

A poem from “A Slice of Passion” that I wrote some time ago.

Listen to the Wind
I listen to the wind and hear the song it plays
The song told me of life and the power of the day
I listen to the girl who wept away her life
The feelings she once felt now tearing like a knife
I listen to the man who thinks he owns the girl
And never sees the sparkle of his wondrous pearl
I listen to the child, who cried from pain and sorrow
I listen to the child, cry and pray “tomorrow”
I listen to the world, and hear the cries for change
I listen to the people, held by their own chains
It’s time to make a difference
It’s time to set it right
It’s time to make the whole world feel the power of their rights
I listened long and hard, and made a choice you see
One man can make a difference, starting now with me

If I had a mic, I might drop it here. (Imagine the thump)

So as the sun sets on another day. Shhh, appreciate the silence and enjoy your eve, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and where’s that mic…