The sun sets on another day…

I heard from a source that a city close to here has not had Sun in quite some time. Fortunately for me I have gotten sun during the day just the sunsets have been interesting. I will continue to look for the sunsets and see the awesomeness in everything.

So each day I try to learn a little more. Some days it’s fantastic and other days, not so much. I do learn at least a few things every day but I have to say the world is full of complexities and those complexities sometimes make us consider what we already know and reconsider a few more things.

So what do you know? What are those things that you know better than anybody? Do you see your growth when you learn more about those things or is it just another day and you already know it all?

My issue is that I trust this over talked about and under understood thing called science. In science there are few hard facts and every day we learn something new. In science knowledge changes the landscape and in science we often end up in a situation where what we once knew was fact is now different. Anyone that says different does not understand science. I know that seems kind of harsh but it’s true science at its core is an ability to evolve and a need to evolve and constantly learn more.

In the early 1980s I was considered an expert on technology and in certain groups I still am. I made a statement in 1989 that a 10 MB hard drive was all we would ever need. This was based on what I knew right then and I was 100% correct. Who could imagine that my phone now is 256 GB and that my computer is considerably more. Way more. Technology grew and the science of Technology changed and as I watch this I think about the rest of the world.

Now I have to ask again, what do you think you know and what do you know or perhaps it’s time to make progress and check on the things you know and make sure they are not evolving. You have an opportunity to learn every day, take the time and learn.

So as the sun sets on another day I think I will continue to learn for all time and as I grow perhaps I might know at least one thing that won’t change. Come along with me and let’s understand that understanding is a journey and make progress every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet,love life, and enjoy every new thing…