The sun sets on another day…

Another cloudy day but it made me smile, the sky was out longer, and the darkness, well, was not so dark.

With that in mind I offer the following:

The Darkness

Some see the darkness as they look across the night
Some see the smoke across the wind
Some see the sparkles of fire taking flight
Some see the flames that show within

I know that inside is a fire burning bright
I know that smoke soon fades away
I know that fire becomes a bright and shining light
I know that fire is here to stay

Some see the darkness and some may see the light
and I know it matters not to me
For as the fire burns and the smoke fades far from sight
I know my fiery soul is free

So as the sun sets on another day, have a super night, and be fantastic tomorrow.

Sleep sweet, love life, and is it dark out there?