An eagles cry…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular for a short time until the clouds swallowed the horizon and sprayed light for a moment across the horizon.

Years ago I wrote a story, the Best Picture I never Took. Today I had another. There are a few bald eagles living somewhere close to me. I am pretty sure it is on the property, but they are hard to track. I see them flying above from time to time, and in the summer they feed off the animals that invade the blueberry fields that are close.

Today as I walked down my driveway I heard an eagles cry above me and 2 adult bald eagles were flying rapidly at the edge of the tree line. I smiled at the barrel roles that Pappy Boyington would be hard pressed to repeat and laughed at the shrill cries of each eagle as they chased each other through the sky.

As I stopped and stood still the two flew over me at high speed and rolled no more than 20 feet from my head, chasing each other down the driveway clearing. It was an awe inspiring sight. My phone was charging, my cameras in the car, all I had was my eyes to stare in abject amazement as the scene unfolded and then was gone.

I smiled.

It is these little moments we should hold onto, and these little moments that make stories to pass on and enjoy. I will file this under “wow” and laugh as the night passes. Yes, sunset was spectacular, but the day is filled with monumental moments as well, and I enjoy all I can.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the moments that sweep you off your feet. Be like a child and feel the wonderment of the world. Take each moment, and make your world complete, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with a passion beyond compare, and never let the world pass you by…