Music and the sunset…


The sun sets on another day…

I have always imagined that if the sunset was accompanied by music it would be a massive orchestra, with strings and windows firing their high notes while trumpets and trombones hailed the coming of a new day, in the background smooth saxophones would gives us a melodious introduction to the twilight and massive drums would score the beat of the moments as the sun slowly lowered towards the west, waiting to be seen again on the next day.

I have a friend who I am sure would hear the sunset play a country blues rhythm with crisp bass and a low bluesy beat that would make the greats proud and that mellow our souls then would take us into the evening and slowly fade to dark as the sun fell from sight.

Another friend I could see jamming to metal with him leading with a bass guitar ragged with play, rocking the eve away and not letting a moment go by that the world did not know he was rocking with the eve and beyond.

All different views to be sure.

Yesterday I found the sunset to be heralded by the wonderful music of the Moontower Festival in Lexington, KY. Though it was not the orchestra I imagined the tunes were clean and crisp, and the people focused on the day, the night, and the music. I cannot imagine a better way, only a different one to lead into the eve and when I was taken away by my dreams I was truly at peace as I hope everyone else who attended was as well.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that we all hear the music of the sunset in a different way, but it makes it no less perfect as we are all right, all happy in the thought that we have shared it together and enjoyed the moment.

Sleep sweet, love life, and listen to the music, it will calm your soul….

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