Darkness falls…

The sun sets on another day…

I had a long discussion with someone who reads this thing from time to time. They felt I was being stepford sometimes in the way I approach as it came up about yesterdays almost post.What that means is I was being somewhat untrue. 

I explained I was not attempting to be untrue and so I will explain how I approach this every day.

If we all knew we had 29000 sunsets, how would we react, how would we live? Most self help books feel that putting any number on life can make people worry too much, but some take the stance that if you put a limit, then every day is a gift. So as I write each night it is because I want to point out the positives we may be missing. Sometimes I hit the mark, but sometimes I miss. Always I want to get people to see a potential side that is a way to move forward and potentially be happy.

This doesn’t always work. Sometimes I see things during the day and as I write the flavor turns less than positive. It is those stories that I set aside, and will someday post in one setting. After all, there are things each and every day that test us, but if we learn but accept those more difficult items we may have the ability to rise above them and see the positives. To me, it is like flying a plane in the clouds, if you can rise above the clouds you will see the most amazing sunset each time, but if you stay below you may experience the light, but you may still be lost in the fog.

There are things that bring us up each day, but there is a shadowy side of that coin that tries to wear us down, and we choose how to deal with it. Sometimes we choose right. So as you see the person person who lies to you, hang on to the truth. As you feel the person who hurts you, hold on to the good times. As you feel the darkness, hold on to the light. All this is possible if you only realize there is a good side to everything, and if there isn’t a good side, look for one.

I considered the message I got yesterday, and noted to myself that I have felt more pain than many, and less than others, but somehow I find a way each day to see beyond the negative, and smile. I have been beaten, and rose up to be more. I have been heartbroken, and found a way above it. I have seen death, and found life. Each negative we see in life has a greater, not equal, positive. There is a way to positive in everything we do if you only take the time to look. Sometime sit is hard, but I try and try to share each day and do so.

When I started 29000 sunsets it was a reference for my thoughts for my children, but it became more. I have talked to a lot of great people, and seen many more. There is a lot more to do, many more thoughts to write.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the positives in your life, grab onto them, sweep away the negatives, and make the world a better place in the process.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live for happiness each day…

(By the way, tomorrow in the United States of America, many will vote. Make a good choice for you and for our country, but show your patriotism and vote.)

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