Two roads diverged…

The sun sets on another day…

…and boy does it set! Wow, before 5:30 it is twilight and then darkness comes down like a veil of black silk in the eve. Still, the edge of night is pretty awe inspiring, just earlier with time changes. 

A long time ago I wrote about the two roads here. Well, actually I wrote about two or three roads or a lot more if we consider our paths as often as we should. In truth there are a lot of roads we can take each moment. Whether we watch the sunset, or watch TV. Whether we take a walk, or play a game. Whether we love, or hate; tell the truth or lie; smile or frown; and all the other things we do each day that make us who we are in life. Each one of these items can have a tremendous effect on everything we are and everything we do. 

In the movie “One Magic Christmas” the main character gets a lesson on this (and so do we) as she goes through a single day. A day first where she is less than positive, makes people sad, is self centered, and finds fault in everything. The path lets her lose more than she would care to lose, and, in the process the day restarts giving her an opportunity just once to see a more positive path and find a way to help others. As much as she helps others she helps herself, so much so that she finds the happiness she thought she had lost forever.

In movies people get “do overs” but in life we rarely have that ability. Instead we find all to late what we lost unless we realize what we have found much earlier and do something about it.

My point is, when presented with a variety of roads, which one will make you happy, create a benefit, create a lasting passion, find the way to your heart, heal you in some way, or give you the ability to see beyond yourself and open the road to something more. Remember, happiness is not a destination, it is a journey filled with passion and a lot of hard work. It is a journey that is worth it born of a choice to be more than just someone who is alive, but instead someone who lives!

So as the sun sets on another day, find your path, and make that path real. Keep people close who help you find your path to happiness, and in the process be a guide for others until the path is full.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find passion in all that you do, no matter what…




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