The sun sets on another day…

As the sun crosses the sky the colors can take your breath away, so much input that it makes you feel more than you thought possible. In the end, some sunsets just make you hold your breath, but in the end, you need to breathe.

There was a movie once that said with life seems out of balance to start at the center of life and breathe. It is an easy statement, but we know that it is pretty true, at the core of who we are, we need to occasionally take a step back, breathe, then make the right decision. It may seem simplistic, but many groups feel that taking a moment to breathe helps you find your center, and helps you pull yourself together more effectively and more easily.

Often, the world just seems to press down on you, it is heavy upon you and your soul. If you breathe it will take a moment and allow you the time and some semblance of thoughtfulness to determine a good course of action. Just breathe, and it may well make the world seem a little more in line, just breathe, and perhaps you will see a better path. 

I have made many good decisions and many bad decisions in my life. The best decisions are always the ones that are well thought out, and allow me the moment to understand and respond to those items around me. I found that when I stopped to breathe, my path was more clear. Even when I took the wrong path, I have found that sometimes I was allowed peace of mind just for the sake of paying attention for a moment. I gave myself a gift, and that clarity was the time to breathe and make a decision.

I am not saying that will work for everyone. I have made a lot of snap decisions that worked out well, and some that have really not been good, but taking a moment is never really a bad idea, and taking a moment to breathe, perhaps as you watch the sunset, is a great thing.

So as the sun sets on another day, I don’t know anyone who has all the answers, I know I don’t, but I do know, when everything is overwhelming, take a breath, find your center and make good choices, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and breathe…


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