The sun sets on another day…

Tonight was an “awww man” moment as I rushed to see the sunset, only to have a cloud bank move in at the last moment and steal it away from me. As I swung my camera to bear I think I actually did say “awww man” but took some great pictures of the surf and sand anyway. I won’t stop, and will keep trying even if it is down to the wire like tonight. Sometimes you just have to keep trying.

It was in this day that I walked the beach and took a lot of fun pictures. As I did so I got amused at a plant, trying to crawl across an expanse of sand and thought “wow, this plant has ambition”. I thought about all the days and nights people work hard to create something and So comes today’s post.

I have written about perseverance several times. You can see the list here. I thought a lot about it today as I walked, about how sometimes it is best to take one more step, reach one level higher, or find one more mountain to climb. It seems like each day we have new mountains to cross, and each day we make a decision to press forward and do more.’

I know a special person who has had pain problems for a long time. They have fought pain each day, and each day and every night was a new battle. They fought constantly, and never gave up. I know a lot of people that give up after mere moments of failure or pain, but this person kept fighting, and now finally are greatly improved. I know I know, this might be rare, and I know others may not be so lucky, but we can push forward like this plant, and reach for the impossible, and someday find out it was possible, someday could be today. Maybe the impossible is only in our mind, and we define our own possible each day.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment, consider the mountains you face, consider the challenges you have and don’t stop, press on, chase the windmill, fight the dragon, and make every day a moment to strive for, make every day that day that you will overcome anything to find your peace and happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and press forward every day…

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