The sum of it all…

The sun sets on another day…

I signed a book tonight for someone right after I watched seen an amazing Sunset outside of the theater. I couldn’t take a picture but it will be embedded in my memory forever: one of my many passions. As I signed the book the words just flowed and something came to mind. 

In this world there are so many potential Passions. There are so many passions that people find themselves a part of. I could list passion after passion and you would sit back and perhaps say “wow I understand” or “I don’t get that one”. In the end passions are always there and they are sometimes personal, sometimes shared. New passions come and go some people share their passions. Other people have singular passions they keep to themselves but passion is always there, even if it is a passion for not having passion.

I know this is a roundabout way of getting to a point but I wasn’t thinking about passion as I signed the book I was thinking about people. In that moment I thought about people and remembered that we are a series of passions strung together to make a person. We are that something special made from passion that becomes us.

I know I know there are a lot of things that this lacks or this thought lacks but if you break it down and think about it the things that are special about us (positive negative and other) are completely built from Passion a passion to learn a passion to do a passion to watch Passion to listen and many many more I can’t say enough how important that passion truly is.

 So what passions are you? Are you a series of positive passions pulling positives from the ether? Are you a series of negative passions pulling from somewhere else? Or are you something completely different? I would like to think that the last describes us all as we are a completely different series of passions flying together to make us who we are. Here we are in another day. Another one of our 29000 sunsets. Here we are becoming more each day and enjoying more as we can. 

So as the sun sets on another day, another fantastic day, another day filled with passion, you are those passions tied together. Make them good passions filled with love and kindness and learning and much much more. Make those Passions part of your life because they are who you are. Be that person you understand that passion is what makes the world a better place, no matter what.

 Sleep sweet, hang on tight, and feel The love Inside…

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