Personal best…

The sun sets on another day…

I am fascinated by sunsets as you can guess. Each one so unique, each one a testament to beauty. I try to capture the sunset in words, pictures, well in anything to hold on to a little bit more until I have to let go and move on, looking for the next sunsets.

I was thinking a lot today on my long drive to and from work. Today I thought about the best we can achieve, the best we can be given, and the best that we can give. This applies to so much in life if we just let it. We set our best based on what we know. Our best may be how many words we can type, or how deeply we can love, but it is pretty similar in my opinion and experience. When we achieve a goal our personal best becomes our new goal. 

Now, that may not seem prophetic, well, because it isn’t. It may not seem like something to even consider, but think about this. When we find something we are passionate about, there will come a precipice. At that point it is our choice to go higher, or consider the precipice our limit.  There we sit, being unlimited or limiting ourselves considerably. Thea Alexander wrote in her book 2150 AD about the cumulative effect where we do not see our failures as they are, successes, but seem to dwell on the failure more effectively, and in doing so prevent our growth. 

So what, right?

Well, in my opinion it is a big deal. In my opinion we need to spend more time looking at striving until the last moment of breath to raise the bar, and be more, live more, experience more, and in the end, find our passions.

In looking back at my life, my definitions have changed, over and over. My goals have changed, become higher, and as I failed, I found a wider point of view, on a little bit of everything.

So as the sun sets on another day, do you feel today as you did yesterday? Is your goal the same, or have you found a new goal more in line with the person you have grown into. Be a person who grows daily, and in the process, raise the bar, become more, seek more, and find you passions everywhere, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and raise the bar…

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