Turned pages…

The sun sets on another day…

Here I am, writing. As I write I feel so many emotions as I am living the story with the characters. Usually I have lived it before, a dream within a dream I have gone through so many times. Some times I am not, and the story is taking me where it may, and along the way we are finding it together. there I am, writing the page I turn, and turning the page as I write.

Have you ever considered how many times we turn our pages in life? Ever really think about how many things change daily. Life is not a series of static moments, it is an adventure worth living every moment ans change is at the core. Whether we like it or not, the pages have got to turn, whether we like it or not, we are at the cent er of our universe but we can count mostly upon ourselves.

I thought about this a lot lately. A lot of travel, family, and more has made me consider all the changes I experience. All the changes I go through. change is a way of life, and change is life.

So what, right? there is that word, so again.

If you know there is a new page, maybe sometimes you need to turn the page on your own. Maybe sometimes you need to skip ahead and not wait for the page to turn but instead turn it. Sometimes you have to be in control.

So as the sun sets on another day, there is a page out there to be turned. There are miracles to be experienced, there is something beyond now, and you deserve to know what is there. Consider well, maybe it is time to turn the page. Maybe not, but you have that power. Make the decision and live your life to its fullest, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, live life, and be a catalyst for change…

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