and on the second day…

The sun sets on another day…

The second day of January, 2020. I am looking forward to February 2 at 8:20 PM. I will laugh for a full 60 seconds then.

I know we have heard it often, but laughter is the best medicine. Readers Digest told us so and we laughed with them often. Now we laugh at the immortal memes and short phrases which give us a laugh but rarely any memory of why. Just short slices of a slice of time to make us chuckle. With that in mind here is a joke you can remember.

“Hi! My name is Andrew,” said the man next to him on the plane. “It’s so nice to meet you! I’m flying to talk about my website, I’m so excited! I remember when it was nothing. Now people actually read it and laugh with me. It used to be so small, and I only wrote there every once in a while but now hundreds, actually thousands of people read it and I am just so happy. It’s so hard to believe all the work that goes into it.  I spend a lot of time coming up with the perfect idea every day. Some are good, some are OK, but I always want to help people see the world. I am so lucky that people read it. I have books too you know, I write books that are action adventure and take people away from the world for a minute, but I try to inspire people at 29000sunsets. Maybe I do it, maybe I don’t but I get some nice fan mail and I think I do OK.”

After an hour of continued talking Andrew seemed to realize that perhaps he was talking a bit too much. “You know, I feel terrible! Here I am just talking and talking without letting you get in a word edgewise! Tell me..what do you think about my website or my books?!?”

(The previous was almost fictional)

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that every day is a gift, and we are in this together. Let’s find ways to laugh together that are powerful and don’t forget the bear and the rabbit joke!

Sleep sweet, love life, and smile…

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