Sharp words…

The sun sets on another day… 

Sunset was striking, covered by clouds of mosquitoes. They enjoyed attacking and running as dragonflies zipped around grabbing them from their blood sucking missions.

As I was buzzed from side to side I thought about all the sharp words in the world. Words are like mosquitoes sometimes. They can pick and sting and buzz around you and if you let them they can sting you and fester and become big ole welts. No fun. I see people using words like that a lot. Other swing back and try to bash them and pretty much the world devolves into chaos. You know what? Repellent works good. Just walk away and let the words fall off. Just spray a little or use your mosquito bush, and it is all gone. Stop being in the middle of it all and let it go.

I know it is hard. Our world is full of buzzing words everywhere seemingly attacking from everywhere. We just need to set them aside, and let it go.

The hardest times in my life are when I have let words bite into me. I have heard about my friends stabbing me in the back with sharded barbs I would only expect from an enemy, I have felt the sting of words often, and I have diligently tried to take the high road. It is not easy, and I was not always good at it, but in the end I did what I could. In the end I bashed a few but walked away more than not. In the end people show who they truly are with their actions and their words, so I always worked for the best.

So as the sun sets on another day, be mindful of your words so they don’t sting, be mindful of your reactions so they don’t bite, and in the end, be mindful of who you are when you speak your words, be mindful because you are the source of your words and what they mean to others, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be aware, and love all you can…


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