Not here…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a big ole giant ball o fire spraying colors in the wind. (Or something like that). I smiled at the idea of colors splattering the skies, and laughed at the fluid nature of it all. This will be a different post, pretty much out of the fluid nature of the world.

There seems to be cascading negativity in the world. A great many people chastise, slap down, smack, unfriend, scold, lambaste, admonish, scream at, criticize, lecture, berate, and generally are not nice to people who don’t agree with us. Yep, that might be you, oh no!!!

At the same time we do it in the name of protest, disapproval, opposition, ignorance, intelligence, dissent, challenge and pure public outcry that can easily and effectively boggle the mind. (I like the word boggle)

You know what, and this is tough, you can disagree without being petty, ugly, trivial, mean, inessential, slight, berating, or any other of dozens upon dozens of words that come to mind. It should not have to be a mess.

I have watched a woman on social media call more people nasty names than I can count easily. I have watched people “unfriend” others on social media for asking a question, A QUESTION. I have had a strange little person question my opinion while touting one of their own that is born of pure propaganda. I suggest, in fact I will almost plead, stop being that person. We have the ability to stand up right now and look in the mirror and say “not here”. In person, online, everywhere we can listen to opposing opinions and know that true mental violence will not happen here. We can talk without becoming the voice of irrationality and still disagree. I know we can, all we have to do is realize we are not all going to disagree, and we are not all going to agree. It is the only fact we can truly cling to each day. “I appreciate your opinion” sounds like a good answer then a quick stop.

I do not like how everyone wants to control everyone else. Someone wants to control your body, your mind, tell you what you can say, tell you what you can have, tell you what you can’t have, and basically realign the universe so it seems right, to them. It isn’t. Without conflict there can be no growth, but lets make the conflict something we can grow from. Let’s stop the horrible hate, and say “Not here”. Instead let’s see beyond our small points of view to a larger picture. It is there if you look.

So as the sun sets on another day, the world can be an amazing place because you are in it. That’s right, you! You are amazing and your opinion makes you that, but remember, everyone has one. Enjoy your moments, laugh with the world, and make every day yours each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy your moments…