Are you OK?

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun crosses our filed of view we know it is steady, always bright, always there, warm and life-giving.

With people this is sometimes less evident. Well, with people it is usually less evident. In our world we have gone from interactions based on person to person contact to interactions based on silliness, memes, and dopamine induced websites that are overused and addiction fraught. Ouch, that sounded negative. Here is more, we ask if people are OK, knowing they will not respond in earnest but instead that they will go the distance to avoid issue or conflict or sign of weakness. 

So I ask you to ask yourself, that one person you cannot lie to, are you OK?

Don’t worry about me, or anyone else on the planet, (If they are off planet, maybe worry) but ask yourself, are you OK?

Does your day run forward and become amazing each day, or are there issues you need help with, friends you should reach out to for help?

We have a responsibility to be OK or to reach out and find help to be OK lest we become less than who we could be, who we should be as a race. (My opinion)

I have been to many countries and at some of them communication is already so non-existent I wonder how people meet and procreate, but worse, I wonder how many people sit in pain when it is not necessary. There is never a need to stay in pain if help is available. No lofty heroics or avoidance. Smile, try to enjoy a sunset and talk to people, really truly talk to people.

So as the sun sets on another day, I leave you where we began, and simply ask if you are OK, and if you are, enjoy the moments that pass between!

Sleep sweet, be OK, and love life, every day….

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