What a year…

The sun sets on another year, a day, a week, a month, yeah, all that…

It has been quite the year. I sit here in awe of you all with the idea that a year is amazing, and we can be more so.

From a highlight standpoint the biggest news for 29000 Sunsets was the move away from owned infrastructure to the cloud. In doing so I closed the door on a dream, and began a new one. There are a number of sites sharing 29000sunsets space and I hope to bring them all back to life. It is good to enjoy diversity.

29000 Sunsets remains free and ad free. When it was upgraded the readership dropped some, but jumps up and down again now. The site itself carried over a 1.8 million hits. (Who are all of you anyway?) I have received numerous positive comments over the years, and a few funny ones. In the end it has been fun and positive!

315 posts have been written this year (The pause was during the conversion). These covered a ton of topics. I try to stay non political, and non denominational. If you ever talk to me, my views are mostly centrist. A few right, a few left, but mostly someone who considers well beyond the surface.

Here are my favorite posts for the year:

Musing: from just yesterday. A series of thoughts about love.

A Kind Word



A Last Rose

Hopelessly Devoted

Laws of Attraction

There were of course many more. These are just a few I like, but really I like them all.

Then there is a journey, starting with Day Two you can follow me as I go through Covid 19. We contracted it just 4 days before our scheduled vaccination appointment. Fun fun.

I also added a few books this year. What Not to Say to People Who are Grieving, A Slice of Fear, and Adam. All three were good fun and you can find all of my books here.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy your day, enjoy the new year, and lets find a way to laugh, to love, and to make it better always, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, its a new year, make it yours…