Stand for…

The sun sets on another day…

A dreary day became a dreary night but I know that above all the rain and clouds it was a terrific sunset, it always is!

Sometimes the best thing to do is to watch people and understand them before you speak. Doing so allows you to speak intelligently or not speak at all if that is your best course of action. As I have listened lately I hear more about what people are against than what they are for, and more speak of problems than any real solutions.

Take a second, or a minute, or however long you need and think about what you are for. Something positive. Something good. Let that percolate in your mind for a moment. Breathe a little, in fact breathe a lot so you can have some oxygen flooding your mind and body. Got it? Let’s focus on that for a few.

I am for people living their lives how they see fit.

I am for people loving with all their heart.

I am for people interacting and caring about one another.

I am for people being able to express themselves as individuals.

I am actually for a lot, unless it degrades, vilifies, or eliminates anyone else.

I told you a few of mine, think about yours. Think about what you are for and don’t make it about anyone else but you. Now go out and change the world, even if it is just your world.

So as the sun sets on another day, today was a difficult day as people decided for others how their life would work, or not work. Maybe, just maybe, if we start by thinking about the positives we can do the world may slowly change. Find your change, if any, and enjoy life no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love powerfully, and be you…