The sun sets on another day…

A series of events lead to a series of events that lead to a series of events. See how that works?

Today is a poem day for no other reason that abstract thoughts floating around in my head.


Look at what is happening, look right now right here
A child sees the world pass, from what they see and hear.
A scream about less freedom, a scream about more rights
The child sees only screams from friends and does not see left or right

Look at what is happening, look right now right here
A child is guided by people, and what those people fear
A child is told one thing, then told another too
but no one can tell that child, which thought is really true

Look at what is happening, look right here right now
A child is given options upon their furled brow
Do what you feel this time, but don’t look up above
Perhaps all the child wanted, was truly to be loved

Look at what is happening, look deep to your heart
The feeling is overwhelming, A feeling that should start
It’s time to stop the fighting, left, right, red, or blue
It’s time to build a world of hope, and stop blaming you.

In the end there will be more laughter, the moments they will pass
As we grow from passions disaster, we learn from all our past
When we finally know the power, of each and every face
Instead of building statesmen, we will build a better place

and then the world could be right.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you have a spectacular night. Me? I will look into my grandsons eyes and laugh with him, he truly sees an amazing world. See that world with us, and laugh a little if you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and thanks for being you…