Just another sunset…

Photo by AAS

The sun sets on another day…

If we all get 29000 sunsets we would be in our late 70s loving life and enjoying the time we have. Today, why don’t we all take a moment and not wait. Smile and laugh, live and love and be happy just for a moment.

I was talking to a person today that was in Frankenmuth this weekend. While they were there the people shopping were all rude and pretty much out of control. It is my opinion that the spirit of Christmas should live within you every day of the year not just on Christmas. So, as we shop and feel the stresses of the holiday, and get that special person the gift they deserve, lets take a moment, take a breath and think about how we should be for Christmas, and love the moment and let people know we love them.

Have a super night, and enjoy every moment!

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